Olio Extra Vergine Di Oliva Biologico

Toscano IGP


Podere Boggioli

Our oil comes in these formats:

0.50 Lt Bottle

€ 15,00

€ 12,00

0.50 Lt Can

€ 15,00

€ 12,00

1.00 Lt Can

€ 28,00

€ 22,00

3.00 Lt Can

€ 75,00

€ 65,00

These are our current products and discounted prices.


For those who prefer a less pungent oil we can offer half-litre bottles and cans of our 2019 oil (yes, it is still delicious!) at € 9,00 each.  Cooks especially may like to consider three-litre cans of 2019 oil at € 35,00 per can.

Our olive oil is shipped door-to-door all over the world. In fact, as far as we know the only continent where our oil is not consumed is Antarctica! Delivery time even to the farthest destination is usually 5-6 working days.

Shipping Costs

As the situation is changing all the time it is impractical to predict shipping costs with any accuracy. As a rough guide, the current cost of 12 half-litre bottles shipped to the EU is about € 55,00 (plus 22% VAT) and to the US about € 100,00. Since Brexit came into force we do not ship to the UK as this incurs exorbitant customs handling and duty charges.

Let us know what you would like and we will send you a complete estimate for the oil and for the shipping. And remember: cans weigh almost half as much as bottles.

You can place your order here, indicating the formats and the quantity :

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Upon receipt of your enquiry we will send you a costing for the oil plus shipping, as well as payment options.

If you happen to be in Tuscany, we would welcome your visit and have you taste our oil. There is usually someone around but it would be best to phone for an appointment:

+39 055/9166339

+39 333/4200843