Podere Boggioli

Prizes and Citations

Over the last twenty years or so our oil has won several important prizes at the local, national and international level, which is a great source of satisfaction for a small enterprise like ours. It was quite a thrill in 2002 when we learned that we had won second prize in a national competition at Festambiente, an annual event (run by one of Italy’s main environmental organizations, Legambiente). Two years later we won a first prize there, and our oil has been recognized for its excellence by Festambiente in subsequent years.

As mentioned in one of our blogs, we won a Gold Medal at the Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition for our 2012 oil. After Silver Medals in 2014 and 2018 we won another Gold Medal in 2019. In 2013 we received one of 12 prizes awarded by Der Feinschmecker (a kind of German Gourmet Magazine) and were one of six finalists in the competition for Toscano IGP – Colline di Arezzo extra virgin olive oils organized by the Province of Arezzo. 

In 2007 we were awarded first prize in the inaugural international competition, Olio Capitale, organized by the Fair of Trieste, and we have a very handsome marble plaque to prove it. We have also done well locally, the latest award being second prize in December 2017 at the annual competition run by our comune, Cavriglia.

In 2018 our oil was awarded third prize in  an international olive oil competition organized by the Associazione Interregionale Produttori Olivicoli in Verona, and in 2019 we won first prize in an international competition in Arpino south of Rome. The actual prize in this last case was a roof tile with a hand-painted view of a street in Arpino: very original.

Finally, our oil is mentioned regularly in such annual publications as the Slow Food Guida agli Extravergini and the bilingual (Italian and English) L’Extravergine edited by Marco Oreggia. Likewise, two prestigious German-language periodicals have rated Boggioli olive oil amongst the best in Italy. There have also been articles about or mentions of Boggioli oil in Corriere della Serade VinisCucina e Vini and La Cucina Italiana.


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