Our Oil

The oil produced from olives grown at Boggioli is a classic, genuine Tuscan oil, robust and spicy, with the slightly piquant note associated with the oils of this region. Because of its chemical and sensory characteristics Boggioli olive oil is classified as ‘extra virgin’. This recognition is based on its low acidity (well below the formal limit of 0.8%) and on the results of a legally binding panel test conducted by registered oil tasters.

Also, Boggioli oil is certified as 100% organic and usually meets the criteria to be classified as Toscano IGP – Colline di Arezzo. The oil that we produced in 2014 had a higher acidity than normal, because of the strange climatic pattern of that year and the very high infestation of the olive fly. This meant that it could not be classified as Toscano IGP but it still qualified as extra virgin.