Direct Sales

Boggioli olive oil is normally available at the farm. Many clients come to see for themsleves where the olives are grown and the oil stored. Visitors are most welcome, but it is best to phone ahead of time to make sure that there is someone at home.   We also ship our oil all over Italy and the world.

In general you may not find it economical to order less than, say, a case of 12 ½-litre or 6 1-litre bottles or cans because there is a minimum cost for shipping up to 5 kg. even for just one bottle or can. Shipments to the USA or Australia, for instance, usually take a week or even less, and upon receiving a request we obtain quotes from one or more shipping companies.

We are not able, however, to predict what local charges (customs duties etc) may be applicable upon arrival in the destination country.  

Our list prices for Boggioli olive oil from the 2016 harvest are unchanged from those of 2015:  

¼-litre bottle or can                €8.00
½-litre bottle or can              €15.00
1-litre bottle or can               €28.00
3-litre can                               €75.00

We offer a discount for repeat customers.

Retailers should contact us direct for our wholesale prices.