Bottles and Cans

We bottle our olive oil on the farm in a room that we converted especially for storage and bottling. This meets all the safety and hygiene requirements that enable us to have our oil certified as 100% organic.   We sell our oil in bottles of three different sizes: ¼ litre, ½ litre and 1 litre. The bottles are made of dark glass that prevents the passage of UV rays. This maintains the intact all the organoleptic qualities of the oil and ensures that it is fresh and free of defects when it is sold.  

We now also offer ¼-litre, ½-litre, 1-litre and 3-litre cans. While they may not look as elegant as one of our bottles on the table, they are much easier and lighter to carry and are thus popular with travellers by air. The cans also provide excellent protection against light and UV rays. For added safety during travel, we can protect the bottles and cans by vacuum packing them and wrapping them in bubble wrap.